Every estate, regardless of size, is an important one. And each person or family has values, goals, needs, and objectives that are unique. We do not presume to know what is best for you before meeting with you, spending time getting to know you, and listening to you. But we do know that most people want to ensure that their estate plan will take care of their family not only now, but also during every phase of life and death. 

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Protect Your Family

Everyone has an estate plan, even if there are no documents in place. Unfortunately, without any estate planning documents, distribution of your estate will be determined by the courts according to your state's laws. And that may not be what you had in mind. 

A properly drafted estate plan will include several documents such as a will, a financial power of attorney, an advance directive or medical power of attorney, and a living will. Your plan may also include a living trust or other type of trust. But it should always reflect you, your family, your goals.


Let us assist you in putting together the best estate plan for protecting you and your family.


Preserve Your Assets

Having a good estate plan doesn't end with the documents. Your assets need to be aligned with your plan to ensure that distribution can be made correctly and smoothly when the time comes. 

The Estate Planning Center understands that aligning your assets with your estate plan will involve working closely with you and with your other trusted advisors. The way assets are titled and how beneficiaries are named is critical to taking care of the family when you are no longer around. 

We are ready to help you align all your assets with your plan and to work with you in the future as your circumstances or goals change.


Pass on Your Legacy

What legacy are you leaving for the next generation? It's not just the accumulation of wealth that passes to your children and generations to come. It is also your experiences, your knowledge, the things that you value, and the things you have learned from others. 

The planning you do now can have an impact on the legacy you leave. Is the next generation prepared to handle their inheritance wisely? Will they be people of wisdom and integrity? 


The Estate Planning Center wants to work with you to create, preserve, and pass on the things that matter most to you.