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Our goal with this podcast is to help explain clearly all the information about all the various legal options of Estate Planning.  We’re going to offer a new episode every other month or so to help you with all the questions you might have to help you make the best choices.



Estate Chat Episode 03 - Covid Changed EArtist Name
00:00 / 17:59

COVID Changed Everything - How To Plan For The Unexpected.

In this episode, Norm Sabin, Lead Attorney with the Estate Planning Center, discusses how to plan for the unexpected. COVID has certainly changed everything for many families and businesses. You will learn how your family can be protected in the simplest manner, and what to do if a will is not enough. Norm also talks about business succession and the differences between corporations and small family owned businesses. You can also learn about what to do if your family has lost the head of the household due to COVID, and something a lot of parents never think about, how to protect a child who has just turned 18 and is now legally an adult. Produced by Blazing Kiss Media.

Estate Chat Episode 02Norm Sabin
00:00 / 13:25

Protecting Your Inheritance in a Blended Family. Understand why estate planning is important in second marriages with children from both parents. Learn about the problems that can occur if no planning is done and how careful planning can protect the spouse and the children. Produced by Blazing Kiss Media.

Estate Chat Episode 01Norm Sabin
00:00 / 26:14

Elder Planning: Your Guide to better Incapacity Protection in your Estate Plan. Norm Sabin, Lead Attorney at the Estate Planning Center discusses Elder Planning. Learn about Elder Law, and the benefits of Incapacity Planning. Also learn about Power of Attorneys, Trustees, and Financial Agents. Most importantly, learn why the Estate Planning Center can help guide you easily through what could be otherwise difficult choices. Excellent information! Produced by Blazing Kiss Media.