Charitable planning is often thought of only as it relates to tax planning; but there are also personal rewards inherent in making a charitable gift to a program or cause that aligns with your values and beliefs. We can help you incorporate charitable giving into your estate plan creating a legacy of generosity that you can pass on to your descendants.

Building Homes

Charitable Trusts

A charitable trust can be designed in ways that will benefit charities now or in the future. Some can reduce or even eliminate all estate tax. Others can provide an income stream to you now and then benefit the charity when you die. 


Private Foundations

A private foundation provides an opportunity to educate family members as to your values and charitable goals while helping younger family members gain a sense of responsibility and stewardship.


Donor Advised Funds

A donor advised fund allows you to create a charitable giving "pool" from which you and/or your family members can designate gifts to your favorite charities.