At the Estate Planning Center, we assist individuals and families with charitable planning. A charitable plan is often thought of only as it relates to tax planning; but there are also personal rewards inherent in making a charitable gift to a program or cause that aligns with your values and beliefs.

Below are examples of several ways to make charitable gifts:

  • A Charitable Lead Trust can reduce or even eliminate all estate tax o wealth passing to heirs by granting to a charity or charities, for a set number of years, the first right to receive a payment from the trust. At the end of the term of years, your children, grandchildren, or other beneficiaries receive the balance of the trust property.

  • A Charitable Remainder Trust permits you to transfer ownership of assets to the trust in exchange for an income stream to the person or persons of your choice (typically you and/or your spouse) for a specified term of up to 20 years. At the end of the term, the balance of the trust property is transferred to a specified charity or charities.​​

  • A private foundation provides an opportunity to educate family members as to your values and charitable goals while helping younger family members gain a sense of responsibility and stewardship. You can also place restrictions on how your gifts are used by charities.

  • A donor advised fund allows you to create a charitable giving "pool" from which you and/or your family members can designate gifts to your favorite charities.

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